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– Our company is improving production process to keep material in very good quality and high level of purity and clean.


– After extracting the material , we make sorting through the unites of venture screens to produce the suitable sizes for each production separately.


Our company has very Good experiences in logistics and presents very good services at that field as the following:

  • – Transportation for the material from the warehouses to the ports.
  • – Spare covered warehouses.
  • – Loading and shipping with high rates & high qualities as well.
  • – Delivery services to destination ports for the clients who have no relations with the Egyptian ports.
  • – Very good search for vessels as per required capacities to deliver the material to the destination ports in competitor prices and in standard times to commit obligations to spare the materials in suitable times.


  • – In our warehouses we make sure that the product is covered in safe places with clean equipment to guarantee the quality of our products.


  • – We also make sure that the external environment like dust and fine materials don’t affect our products by covering them and keeping them away from any external factors that may affect them.

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