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Our most important aspect of policy is QUALITY.

The most important aspect of La Pace’s policy is quality, As it is the
element that has lead us to our success in the exporting field.

In order to fulfill the importer’s requirements, we make a sequential
control of the chemical elements of each quarry by taking a daily sample
according to the following processes:

  1. Random samples are taken during production from the quarry to analyze the main chemical elements. These samples go from the quarry production to the central laboratory (SGS) for analysis
  2. Random samples are then taken during the storage process at the loading ports. This is to ensure that the material has not become polluted and that the chemical composition of the material remains stable.
  3. The third random sample is taken during loading by the belt conveyor at the port. The material in the vessels hold is analyzed.

We apply SMETA 4 Pillar auditions (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit report) on all our production and quarries system.

We Have Authorized with ISO 9001 ( UKS ) for all our production and quarries Procedures , also for Head office administration.