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Experience more than 20 years.

LA PACE* has emerged like one of few founded firms working in the mining business in 1995.

The company have high trained Engineers in all sectors with an experience more than 20 years.

We are cooperating with international glass markets to supply their needs of high quality as same as domestic glass manufacturers which we are currently serving with our high quality production of all grades of silica sand.

The company activities which Expanded over the years Since it was first established in 1997 and taking advantage of the accumulated experience, the strong financial supporting background and the acquired technology it turned, eventually, to the field of extracting the Silica Sand for export and designated it’s quarry which was found (complying with the international standards) in the Red Sea area in Sinai peninsula.

The company invested over the years 1997-2018 in mining, extracting and producing the Silica Sand and gained trust to export 100% of its production and have played a quite important rule in supplying the work market with well trained and experienced manpower as a part of its commitment to the society.